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Service Tax Registration. Service Tax Registration is a tax registration required for businesses providing services in India. Service tax registration is an indirect tax wherein the service provider pays the tax and recovers the same from the recipient of the taxable service.

A society is the simplest form of a Non Governmental Organisation in India and can be registered to operate on state level or national level for educational, charitable, religious, welfare or for promotion of art, music, culture, etc., In India, the registration of a society is done under The Societies Registration Act, 1860

Any seller who wants to sell across India needs to enrol for GST (Goods and Services Tax), except if the seller sells goods or services under exempt categories. The GST registration process is entirely paperless which means that it will take place online or digitally. There will not be any hard copies or physical print outs required for the enrolment.

Considering that service element constitutes significant part of the GDP, Service Tax was imposed in 1994 for the first time on telephone services, services relating to non – life insurance and services provided by Stock Brokers. A number of new services were brought under tax net over a period of time and 100 services were subject to service tax.

Once an HUF is formed it must be formally registered in its name. An HUF should have a legal deed. The deed shall contain details of HUF members and the business of the HUF. A PAN number and a bank account should be opened in the name of the HUF.

Such an agreement between partners can be written or can even be oral. However, it is strongly advised for legal and practical purposes that such an agreement or contract be in the written form. And this written agreement between partners to form a partnership firm is what we call a Partnership Deed.

We act as a third party to provide payment for goods in order to keep cash and goods flowing between importers and exporters, even if the logistics of international trade – things like currency payments and credit assessments – get in the way.

Companies which have employee strength of 20 or more are required to be registered with PF Department. The capacity of 20 includes contract employees like housekeeping, security or other contractual workers in the business. Those companies which do not have the endorsed number of employees but willing to register themselves to provide the advantages of Provident Fund to their employees can register voluntarily with the Regional Provident Fund Office. Registration has to be done within One month from the date of hiring 20 employees. Any delay may result in a penalty.